GD XtraTools 2009

GD XtraTools 2009

It is a set of applications consisting of more than 20 independent utilities
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Feeling like your Desktop PC or laptop is not fast enough? Then it is time for you to use the GD XtraTools 2009 1.0 package. This is one software extensively built for Windows users. GD XtraTools 2009 1.0 provides you with a variety of tools to optimize your Windows OS.

You can use to turbo charge your Windows performance level. The Armor tools allow you to protect your privacy and sensitive information from hijacks and spywares. You can create extra drives in your hard disk and encrypt them in 256-bit / 32 - symbols password in real-time without going to the System Management and it will leave the physical partitions untouched. Increase the speed of your system using the RAM saver Pro which stops the unwanted wastage of RAM. The option to encrypt and decrypt your files is a good tool to use, something not to be seen in Windows. There are loads of additional features involved which are quite helpful in operating windows to its full extent.

A comprehensive package with more than 20 tools to optimize you PC performance the GD XtraTools 2009 1.0 is a good software suite.

Luis Sanchez
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